Marijuana Charges for Alabama Football Players Hansberry and Jones

Marijuana Charges for Alabama Football Players Hansberry and Jones

Marijuana Charge

Alabama Football Marijuana Charge

Brandon Lee Hansberry and Tyren Jones Arrested for Marijuana Charge

Alabama running back Tyren Jones has been arrested and charged with a second degree marijuana charge after the car in which he was a passenger was stopped on 10th Avenue smelling of marijuana.  Scales used for possible weighing drugs were also found in the car.  The car’s driver, Brandon Lee Hansberry was also arrested and charged with felony marijuana possession in the first degree for the additional possession of drug paraphernalia. He was is being held in Tuscaloosa County Jail. In all, four young men including three University of Alabama football players have been arrested in the span of a little under one week and charged with various offenses. College athletes Tyren Jones, Geno Smith, and Jonathan Taylor as well as Brandon Lee Hansberry were all arrested and charged with marijuana charges, DUI, domestic violence and a felony marijuana charge respectively.

On February 10, Jones was suspended indefinitely from the team. Geno Smith was earlier arrested and charged with DUI, his second such charge in two years. He had been suspended for one game after his firs DUI arrest in 2013. Jonathan Taylor was dismissed from the team after being charged with domestic violence.

Marijuana Charge Penalties

In Tyren Jones case, the penalties for second degree marijuana charge in Alabama are lenient at best. Possession of marijuana in the second degree in Alabama is a misdemeanor and the maximum sentence is one year in jail and a $2000 fine, however, marijuana conviction or guilty plea in Alabama comes with a mandatory six month driver’s license suspension and restrictions to your ability to possess firearms. The maximum sentence is usually reserved for repeat offenders. The court will take many things into consideration – a first time offender with excellent character references will normally get a sentence of a few months probation, a small fine, and substance abuse counseling as a condition of probation. A judge can also suspend any jail time and any fines if the convicted person completes a counseling program. 

Marijuana Charge Felony

The most serious charge of the four, felony marijuana charge in which Hansberry is accused, is punishable by one to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. (Ala. Code §§ 13A-5-6, 13A-5-11.)

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