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Alabama Child Support Calculator

Children subject to the pending action  
  Custodial Parent Non-Custodial Parent
Monthly Gross Income:
(before taxes & withholdings)
$ $
Monthly Cost of Daycare/After School Care: $ $
Monthly Cost of Health Insurance: $ $
Monthly Support You Pay to Children of Previous Marriage: $ $
Monthly Alimony Payment You Pay from Prior Marriage: $ $
Estimated Child Support Total: $


Health Insurance - If your children are covered under a family policy (if it also covers you, the parent, and/or your new spouse and stepchildren), you can put the full amount of that policy here.

Child Care Costs - Can only be entered in if they pertain directly to a parent's work schedule or to a job hunt.

Armed Forces Members - This can be used as a guideline, but military pay is sometimes calculated case-by-case, depending on the county. There is currently a legal disagreement over whether BAH and BAS pay should be included in your income.

Note that if both parties' combined income is below $800 or above $20,000 per month, you are off of the Alabama guidelines and support will be determined by a variety of factors either by a Judge or by Agreement of the Parties. This calculator, however, will give you a lowest or highest estimable amount.

Also note this Calculator is based upon the most current Alabama Child Support Guidelines, but should not be used as numbers set in stone. Often different circumstances give way to different amounts. Remember too that parties can always deviate from the Guidelines if both parties agree to the same amount and that amount is approved by a Judge.
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