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Civil Law

90% of civil cases settle out of court. This happens because many people weigh the costs of litigation versus the costs of settling the matter and find that a happy medium usually exists somewhere in between. Also, cases that come to the point of being filed or are almost filed usually have some merit and the person being sued usually wants to avoid getting the full brunt of the law in the form of a judge or jury’s verdict against them or the embarrassment of being sued.

Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whatever the type of case, it is extremely important to have an attorney that is a skilled negotiator to attempt to come to a settlement before trial. It is also essential to have an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial and continually adds that pressure of possible litigation to the negotiation process. Contact The Malbrough Firm LLC for a seasoned Civil Lawyer. The fear of trial is an extremely effective weapon to use against many opposing parties and their attorneys. Many people are afraid of public displays of their wrongdoing.

An attorney must be willing to ultimately try the case if negotiations break down. This involves extensive preparation and in depth knowledge of the case material. What separates a winning case from a losing case is preparation. A trial is a simple enough matter and is only usually peppered with a bit of the courtroom drama seen on television.

Trial Practice

The process is simple: (1) gather evidence favorable to your case, (2) know the weaknesses of your case, (3) state your case as plainly and as clearly as possible to the finder of fact (the judge or jury), (4) prepare and deliver solid legal arguments as to why your facts should win the case based on case law precedents and State and Federal Law and (5) put your heart and soul into it!

The Malbrough Firm LLC has been successful in numerous civil cases. We focus on personal injury, contract claims, employment law and a variety of other civil matters.

Multiple Practice Areas

We also handle arbitration, mediation and civil appeals and have been successful at all. The key to success in litigation is preparation and zeal. You, as a client, want a counselor, a negotiator, a trial lawyer, and a zealous advocate for your rights! Contact the Malbrough Firm LLC - (205) 747-8351.
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