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In every criminal case or situation where one is charged with a crime, there are two strategic routes to take: the first is to attempt to settle the case; the second is to fight the charge wholeheartedly, but often times these tactics mesh. The key is to navigate with both maps.

It is truly unbelievable how often a District Attorney’s office will pursue charges against people with little to no evidence. An Criminal Defense Lawyer who is afraid to fight a charge or to go to trial can have you pleading to crimes out of fear when there is little to no evidence against you!

Differences in Strategy

Take a quick example: a string of attorneys line up on the morning of a criminal docket and quickly advise their clients to plead guilty to the charged crime. Many of those guilty pleas are for good reason. However, some other few attorneys there that day might see serious deficiencies in the evidence or witnesses in their case and use them to demand that the case be dismissed or threaten to go to trial.

Often times even the threat of trial can gain a favorable outcome with the State. It is extremely easy for a district attorney to threaten to try every case, but do you really think they have the evidence, witnesses and resources to try every case to its fullest and win every one? Can anyone truly believe that every police report filed results in a guilty plea or conviction? A criminal defense attorney trained to find the holes in a criminal case can often get a case dismissed or the charges lowered significantly by simply finding the deficiencies in a case and applying pressure on the other side.

Types of Victories in a Criminal Case

Many professors of criminal law teach that a victory does not always come from the dismissal of a case or from a “not guilty” verdict. Often times, depending on the nature of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history, a well-worked deal is as good as a “not guilty.” Many clients who have a criminal record or who want the case disposed of as quickly and easily as possible will opt to work something out with the District Attorney’s office. A criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the law and who is a skilled negotiator can help to bring a criminal case to the best possible resolution without a trial at all.

Going to Trial

However, when you are innocent of a crime you need an attorney who is going to fight the charge or charges with everything available under the law. You need a skilled tactician who is not afraid to go to trial and who has the abilities to be successful at trial. There are a host of options available by law to fight criminal charges. The key is knowing when and how to use each.

Always remember that each and every case is different; sound legal advice can only be attained by speaking directly to a knowledgeable and experienced attorney!
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