Criminal Defense

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

criminal defense

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  The earlier we get involved in your case, the better your outcome will be.  We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who get results for you. The criminal justice system can be confusing and overwhelming, and can steer you to take a “quick and easy” guilty plea.

Criminal Defense
The arrest can be the worst part of your case.

If you are convicted of any crime in Alabama, the consequences to your future an be severe.  You face jail time, probation, fees, random drug testing and monitoring by authorities.  Worse yet for some, the record of your arrest and conviction or plea can follow you forever and cost you jobs and opportunities.  You do not want to walk into court alone.

No matter what type of crime you are charged with, you need a criminal defense attorney – one who is a skilled negotiator and who understands legal theory, practice and strategy. Sometimes the best defense involves a simple strategy – but one that only an experienced attorney can carry out.

You must be proven guilty by a prosecutor in order to be found guilty. If a prosecutor does not present at least a “prima facie” (plain on its face) case against you, you don’t even have to answer or defend the charges. In Ex Parte Presley 587 So. 2d 1022, (Ala. 1991), the Alabama Supreme Court stated one of the most powerful and basic aspects of criminal law. “The burden of proof, as that term is properly used, does not shift to the defendant. It remains on the State to prove every element of the offense charged in order to establish the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the State puts on a prima facie case, the defendant can then do one of two things: (1) he can rest and risk conviction; or (2) he can come forward with exculpatory evidence of evidence of defensive matters. At any rate, it cannot be properly said that the burden of proof shifts to the defendant.”

Your criminal defense attorney must always be willing to go to trial.  You need a skilled criminal defense who is not afraid to go to trial and who has the abilities to be successful at trial. Prosecutors sometimes drop or lower charges when the threat of trial is a possibility because of problems with evidence, poor cooperation from witnesses, or because of a heavy and more serious caseload.

Criminal Defense Success

The essence of criminal defense practice is preparation. A skilled criminal defense attorney can find the holes in a prosecutor’s case and apply pressure – getting your charges dropped, lowered, dismissed – or winning your case at trial.

You need an aggressive Alabama criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight on your behalf.  If you are charged with a crime you did not commit, there is absolutely no reason to plead guilty.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can find the holes in a prosecution’s case and get charges lowered or dismissed.

Here is a link to the full Alabama Criminal Code.

However, for some people, a criminal defense victory is not always found in the dismissal of a charge or in a “not guilty” verdict. Depending on the evidence in the case and the client’s criminal history, a good plea agreement may be the best outcome.   People with a criminal record or those who want the case disposed of quickly will opt to work out a plea agreement.

A criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the law and who is a skilled negotiator can help to bring a criminal case to the best possible resolution without a trial at all. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to get criminal charges dismissed or reduced significantly. A person charged with a crime that they did not commit needs a criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight the charge with all available defenses under the law.  Each and every case is different; sound legal advice can only be attained by speaking directly to a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney!

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