Marijuana Possession

What Happens If I am Convicted of Marijuana Possession?

Marijuana Possession

Always Weigh your Options in a Marijuana Possession Case

For some clients, it is extremely important that their Marijuana Possession charge go away.  They may want the charge dismissed, deferred, or have their felony dropped to a misdemeanor at all costs.  These clients are seeking to protect their future in education or employment.

For clients with a criminal history, a felony conviction (or any conviction) could violate their probation or parole and send them to prison.

Whether this is your first charge or your most recent of many charges, you need an expert criminal defense lawyer to help you.

Every Marijuana Possession conviction or guilty plea in Alabama comes with a mandatory 6 months’ Driver’s License Suspension and can affect your ability to possess firearms.  Every Marijuana Possession plea or conviction also comes with the requirement of attendance in a Court Referral Program.

Court Referral or “CRO” programs may require you to do the following for up to one (1) year:

  • Check in weekly or monthly with a Court Referral Officer.
  • Stay drug and alcohol free during the program.
  • Submit to random drug and alcohol tests.
  • Pay for random drug and alcohol tests.
  • Perform community service hours.
  • Pay fines and court costs, and the costs of the CRO program.
  • Pay Restitution.
  • Attend self-help meetings including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Obtain employment.
  • Obtain a GED.
  • Obey all laws and not pick up any new criminal charges or major traffic violations.


How Are Marijuana Possession Cases Won?

Marijuana Possession cases can be fought and won.  The issue that comes up most often in drug cases is the Fourth Amendment Constitutional issue of illegal search and seizure.  Unless a law enforcement agent has probable cause to search you or your possessions/vehicle, any evidence discovered and seized cannot be used against you at trial.

Marijuana Possession cases involving illegal searches are incredibly fact-specific. The timeline of events, witnesses, sounds, smells, etc. are all extraordinarily important in determining whether your arrest was lawful. If the arrest was not lawful, your drug charge is not lawful! You need a skilled, experienced attorney to help you fight your charge.

Alabama law on Marijuana Possession can be found in this link: Alabama Marijuana Criminal Code.

Many Alabama counties and cities have started “Drug Court” programs that allow drug offenders to get a second chance. These programs are set up to allow offenders to prove that they can “change their ways.” Upon completion of counseling and courses, payment of fees, steady drug testing and community service, many drug charges can be dropped, wiped away as if they never happened.  Learn more about drug court programs at our Drug Court page.

We are highly trained and experienced marijuana possession attorneys.  We take your case seriously, have a deep understanding of the laws involved and look into all the facts so that we can successfully handle your case.  Call now and speak with an experienced marijuana possession lawyer.

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