Divorce AttorneyImportant qualities to look for in a divorce attorney are communication, caring, and compassion.

The keys to domestic practice are to:

  1. understand the specific situation
  2. try to find the best possible resolution for all involved with as little stress as possible
  3. staying in touch with one’s client to keep apprised of changing and current events
  4. prepare for each and every hearing and battle every issue as if it were a trial.

Divorce cases rarely end when the parties receive their final paperwork from a court.

If children are involved, it is easy to see changes and issues can arise that will affect the lives of the parties and the children. Former spouses get remarried and children get stepparents; children get older and grow up; income changes; needs change; people move. Even if a couple divorces without having children during the marriage, some parties will have a continuing relationship due to common ownership and/or sale of real property, personal property and management of investments.

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