Traffic Ticket

What Should you do about a Traffic Ticket in Alabama?

Most people consider a traffic ticket a nuisance, and simply pay them or even ignore them. A traffic ticket is a non-criminal offense for which jail time is generally not given. Many people think that they don’t need a lawyer for traffic court.  Many times, you don’t need an attorney in those cases.

Traffic Ticket

However, knowing the traffic laws and court procedures is key in obtaining a good outcome in traffic court. It is critical to know what legal rights and options you have at your disposal. Therefore it is critical to hire a traffic ticket attorney to represent you in court.

A traffic ticket can raise your car insurance premiums. If you want to fight a traffic ticket for insurance or other reasons, you must protect your rights.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket

As with a criminal case, the prosecution must always prove you committed the violation that led to you receiving a traffic ticket. At our firm, our Birmingham, Alabama criminal attorneys have great experience in defending against all types of traffic offenses, both civil and criminal.

If you are serious about fighting a traffic ticket, we are ready to serve and help you. Our experience in defending clients with traffic tickets in both the Alabama municipal courts and county courts serves our clients extremely well. Our years of experience allow for superior case preparation and will work with you to present a zealous defense.

In many cases, we will be able to appear on your behalf in court, so you may not have to take off of work and waste your time in court. When we evaluate your case, depending on the charges and jurisdiction, we can evaluate whether or not you will need to appear in court.

The Alabama Motor Vehicle Code can be found here, in Alabama Traffic Law.

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Contact a Birmingham Alabama traffic ticket lawyer if you want aggressive help in fighting a traffic ticket.  Please also see Criminal Defense.

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